“It’s just puberty”

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse follows the story of teenage boy Miles Morales after being bitten by a radio active spider. His goal is simple, to only live a simple life together with his family and his friends. But after paying a visit to his uncle, he realizes that things start to get strange. As the film goes by, he meets five different counterparts from other dimensions. Together they fight the odds.

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Let me start by saying that the plot of this film is impressive. It stands out among any other superhero film. I also admire how they sticked to the original story of the comics but added its own twist. The way the characters were brought to life gave a deep attachment with the audience. For instance, the introduction scene of each spider-man. And as someone who loves humor, the exchange of comedic lines was a great idea.

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The colorful animation and comic book visuals were all a great idea, s fresh take on animated films. The film’s soundtrack was also spot on. Not to mention some hits like Post Malone’s sunflower. The scenes of this film were busy, but somehow they all work.

The details that were put into the story makes this film a standout. Stan Lee would definitely be proud

Marge Morales

you’re a sunflower

A film review by Justin Dizon for “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the first animated film in the Spider-Man franchise. The film is about a multiverse which has alternative universes—different “Spider-Verses”. Miles Morales, the film’s protagonist, is a teenager who is a big fan of Spider-Man and is struggling to meet the expectations of his parents. Every after school, Miles secretly visits his uncle, Aaron Davis, who is not really in good terms with his father, Jefferson Davis. Aaron brings Miles to an abandoned subway station in which they paint graffiti. While enjoying their little graffiti painting session, Miles was bitten by a spider which happens to be the unordinary; it’s a radioactive spider. The day after, Miles woke up with the abilities and powers of a Spider-Man—he can do a venom blast and unlike other Spider-Men, he can turn invisible.

The film’s antagonist is Kingpin, the villain who created a particle accelerator to be able to enter or gain access to parallel universes. Kingpin is ill-bent on doing such because he wants to find an alternative “version” of his wife and son who both died in a car crash in Kingpin’s universe, after they saw Kingpin trying to kill Spider-Man which triggered them to flee. Along the film’s plot, Miles meets several “Spider-peeps”: Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman, Peter Porker/Spider-Ham, Peni Parker, and Spider-Man Noir.

Overall, the film was a delight—it’s not the typical superhero film wherein the situation is so intense that the fate of entire mankind, or some galaxy, or some universe is at stake; the conflict is not the “everything we know hangs in the balance situation”. The film was light and really cute but is not devoid of quality. From the animation, visual effects, the sound actors, and even the playlist, everything was great. For me, this is a film that I can call “fun”, literally. This is the animated spider-man film that we want and deserve.

I guess I have given too much spoilers but believe me, this film is really nice. You might even want to add Post Malone’s “Sunflower” which adds up to the fun factor of the film, well at least for me. So yes, you should go watch this film!

How far can you go for the ones you love?

Film review of Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Shoplifters (2018).


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Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Shoplifters was awarded with the Palme d’Or in the 2018 Cannes Film festival, which is the highest recognition given to a film at the said festival. It has also won eight awards at the Japan Academy Prize such as best actress, best screenplay, best director, best lighting, best music, best supporting actress, best cinematography, and best picture.


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Shoplifters is a 2018 drama film that tells the story of six people who adopt each other and consider themselves as a family and their struggle through poverty and other social issues such as abuse and abandonment.

This film is truly a work of art, it’s the kind of film that would make you want to run home to hug your family and tell them how much you appreciate them. It’s the kind of film that you wouldn’t want to re-watch because you know your heart will be broken but you re-watch it anyway because you know the broken heart is worth it.

What I enjoy most about this film is the authenticity of the characters and the plot. All the characters are flawed and dynamic, they’ve either had a difficult upbringing or life was not very nice to them but they try to live their daily lives as normal as possible– not mentioning the stealing and prostitution.

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One of my favorite scenes in the film were that of Nobuyo and Yuri. The way they both opened up to each other about the violence they have experienced in life, the way Nobuyo cared for Yuri as if she was her own, and when Nobuyo told Yuri that the people who hurt you and justify the pain they have inflicted towards you because they love you isn’t true– it was so touching, raw, and vulnerable but also so honest and pure it could make any person feel empathy towards the characters.


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Another favorite scene would be when Osamu and Shota parted ways– if you want your heart broken this scene will definitely do it for you.When Osamu stands for a moment when the bus doors close and you can see him trying to hold his emotions bottled but eventually fails and tries to chase the bus, you can see him regretting his decision. You can see him trying to get Shota back and be better for him, be the father who could support him financially and be the one to raise him. When Shota looks back and calls him father, it ended me. How many times can a heartbreak? Apparently, Kore-eda can break it more than once.

This film makes us ask ourselves– how far can you go for the ones you love? When does love blur the line between good or bad? Can love every justify our wrongdoings?


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The film shows us how lonely we are in the end, how the human races’ Achilles’ heal, which is our need to be with someone– this isn’t limited to a significant other. It shows human vulnerability through the desperation of the film’s characters in keeping the people they are with. The film tells us how common it is for people to need comfort and assurance from another person, how much we crave it, and how much we want it.


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If I was ever asked out of all the films that we have watched in our Introduction to Film class and Film theory and criticism class which one would I suggest, this would definitely be my number one. If you want a film that talks on the true meaning of family, a film that can make you giggle and ugly cry, if you want a film to improve your taste, or if you want a film in general– then this is it.


Ericka Frye

Shopping Center : Shoplifters

The film is a Japanese family drama genre written and directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda. A remarkable Japanese film in 2018. Winner of the Golden Palm of the Cannes Film Festival and later recipient of the Donostia Award in San Sebastian Spanish cinemas. This movie represents the other side of the Japanese family where you will find poverty by doing shoplifting and where they live in a simple home. This home belongs to Grandmother (Kirin Kiki), a widow who relies only on the pension of her dead husband. There are also Aki (Mayu Matsuoka), a pretty clean sex worker; the couple Osamu (Lily Franky) and Nobuyo (Sakura Ando), each with a job at least one moment, but also engaging in bad activities and Shota (Kairi Jo), a boy who doing of shoplifting and learned from Osamu. Early a little girl Yuri (Miyu Sasaki) whose parents are arrogant and soon she joined the group and take part of Shota’s doing. It’s a movie of details, actions and nice dialogs. The joy of the film depends on watching these great actors based on their characters.
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This film is considered a national cinema because of its content describing within a particular national state which is the country of Japan. It is related that the content of this movie is true and in fact it really happens. Although, the most highlighted in this country is the beautiful landscape and good living of their people. But in reality, this is one of the issues in their nation. Koreeda manages to make a reality to showcase the authenticity to understand all this matters. There is a wonderful script under it all simple.
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This film makes the reality of the characters and their connection. At the end of this movie is worth it to express tears. Because of its unique story, it is more enjoyable when the surprises are discovered and all the “hints” are relevant. When Shota was pursued by the police and suddenly jumped to the bridge and was taken to the hospital. Later part, it was a revelation in their group that they were not family members and eventually the children returned to their real family.



Miles- The New Spider Man


Into the Spider-Verse is a funny, original, action-packed animated Marvel adventure that centers on Brooklyn teen Miles Morales who becomes a new Spider-Man and ends up meeting other Spider-people from parallel universes.


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Miles Morales, a 14-year-old boy who was luck to enrolled in New York City but would rather to just hang out with his friends. He lives with his two loving parents. His police officer father, Jefferson and nurse mother Rio. It’s also moving that Miles sees what’s good in his Uncle Aaron, despite the older man’s somewhat shady rep. And he’s even lucky enough to win a lottery that gets him into a prestigious prep school in New York, though in reality he really hates it.

Miles is a kid that has everything going for him, but it all flips upside-down when he got bitten by the spider a and permanently alters his DNA. It’s a familiar part of the original story, including powers like sticking to surfaces, agility, and super strength, but what makes Miles a bit different is that shortly after acquiring his new abilities he saw the death of the original Peter Parker when he was fighting with Kingpin the villain, who wanted to destroy New York.

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As Miles continues to question what it means that he has Spider-Man’s powers and everything that goes along with it, the world reacts to the devastating news, Peter Parker died. When he went to Peter Parker’s grave, he met another version of Spider man that needed Miles to go back to his own world, and that leads him to the alternate universe.


From the alternate universe the two met the other four more Spider people. That includes Gwen Stacy, an anime-style girl from the distant future, the cartoon pig, and a black-and-white 1930s Spider-Man. After getting over with their shock, they eventually work together to save New York.

Miles not only finds himself with the responsibility of helping these Spider-People get back where they belong, but dealing with whether or not he has what it takes to join their ranks. And the question of what it takes to be Spider-Man drives Into The Spider-Verse, and honestly raises it to become something powerful especially for those of us who spent childhoods imagining ourselves as Spider Man. Miles’ couldn’t be more different than Peter’s, his choices and sacrifices with different contexts and consequences, but it’s emotional and impactful to see him cope with it.

More than just dynamic personalities, the various Spider heroes also bring their own specific animation styles into the world of Miles Morales, which is perfect to discuss how outrageously incredible Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse actually looks.

To conclude, the movie is fun to watch. Having that the story is clever and just complicated enough, moving quickly through silly bits, pausing for moments of heart-tugging sentiment, and losing itself in wild creative harm.

-Kristle Vital


Be careful with his spider webs!

Into the New generation: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Film review by Mark Gil Sabandal


Let me tell this right now; honestly speaking, watching this film for the very first time gives me so much goosebumps! I never expected myself liking this kind of film. I am not an avid fan of cartoon films yet this one is exceptional.


Please click the link above to watch the official trailer. 🙂

After I have read few issues particularly one to five of the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011), I can say that the story is quite different from the movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verseyet it still manages to stick with the timeline. This amazing film is directed by Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman.


What I admire most about the story is that the people behind this film a lead character that is not a stereotypical “white” guy. Somehow I feel like it gives justice to everyone – that all should be treated equally.  The plot focuses on a teenage boy named Miles. He never thought of becoming a super hero, until one day, Miles got bitten by a spider that gives him a super power just like the Spider-Man.

On the technical aspect of the film, the visual presentation cinematography and was brilliant and outstanding. Everyone that is part of the technicalities behind the camera deserves a round of applause. They made sure that audiences can easily engage in the story (although the plot is very unpredictable which made the film very interesting), regardless of “age” generation – everyone will surely enjoy the film. The special effects used in the film shows that they really exerted efforts and took time in executing each scenes perfectly especially during their battle. Despite of the fact that this is an animation/cartoon film; the emotions were displayed accordingly, one good example is when Peter trusted Miles that he can win the battle which happens on the latter part of the story.

I will not spill too much information, but I guarantee you it is worth your time to watch this film.

“Sometimes, it’s better to choose your family.”

Rating: 9/10

By Charmaine Quizon

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Japanese film director and screenwriter Hirokazu Kore-eda has again made cinephiles reduced to tears with his latest motion picture “Shoplifters”. The said film opened in theaters last June of 2018. Kore-eda is known for his fervor on giving the audience movies which revolve around family which is very apparent in his other films like “After the Storm” (2016), “Like Father, Like Son” (2013), and “I wish” (2011).

Shoplifters is real. The location, the characters, and the problem are all real. As the title suggests, Shoplifters is about poverty and the characters’ dependence to this petty crime shoplifting just to survive. Japan’s problem in poverty and the rise of shoplifting cases have inspired Kore-eda in making this film. This family drama is more than about Shibata’s financial struggle though but centers on the love they have for each other despite no blood relationship. There are six major characters in this film who individually contribute to the unique identity of the Shibata family. They live in a house owned by an elderly Hatsue with Osamu who has recently been terminated from job and his wife Nobuyo; Aki, a club hostess; Shota, a young boy the couple found alone in a car. The family lives through Hatsue’s deceased husband’s pension and Osamu and Shota’s shoplifting drill. Then Yuri, a girl from the neighborhood came into their lives which gave delight to the family.

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The film’s plot is unambiguous. The first scene which shows Osamu and Shota’s shoplifting clearly reveals the problem in the story but definitely does not give so much of how the story would progress, still leaving the audience clueless and expectant. Each character has their individual battle which were
presented magnificently before the eyes of the spectators. The physical representation of the characters is authentic: they perspire, they’re messy, and they get dirty which magnify the emotion audience could draw from the film. Nobuyo Shibata was played by the acclaimed actress Sakura Ando whose performance personally moved me. Her natural acting is admirable
especially her scene with Yuri while the former put the latter clothes into fire which signifies leaving the past behind and owning the child as her own daughter. Ando’s eyes are full of expressions. If this scene will not melt your heart, I don’t know what will.

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Furthermore, twisted reasoning which drives characters’ wrongdoing added honesty to the film. Osamu believes it is not kidnapping if no ransom involved. And shoplifting is okay as long as the store does not go bankrupt. Very funny but it would leave audience wondering how they ended up with such thinking. Is the family left with no alternatives or perhaps they became complacent? It is seen that the characters do what they did out of love but we can’t help but question if it’s worth it when in the end they would be separated from each other for the same reason.

The last part of the movie contains the most heartbreaking scenes which could make us rethink of our values. When Osamu was interrogated if he ever felt guilty teaching the children shoplifting. He responded he doesn’t know anything else to teach them. When Nobuyu was told by the investigator that children need their mothers. She left me astounded when she answered with another question, “Is giving birth automatically makes you a mother?” Thus, to echo one character of the film, “Sometimes, it’s better to choose your family.”

Web of 21st Century

By: Mendoza, Khamylle Anne E.

First things first: The movie is SUPERB.

Is it any good? Of course. 105%. Personally, I can say that the movie is timely, fun, and witty in every way I could possibly imagine 😀 it explores the real-life implications in a way that teens could easily relate. The film demonstrates Miles Morales’s, the main character, struggles in school and even his struggle of being Spider-Man, and oh! Even the guilt o’er his uncle’s death is clearly depicted too! For me, the movie was combined with an amazing introduction complication towards white supremacy and the struggles of being brown in a white society. 😊 also, I love how the film showed the genuine attitude of Miles–his honesty, his edginess, his unconditional love and respect for the people he encounters and of course, for his family. It’s good to see that a comic film like this can perfectly prove that comics with an intense adventure could also deal and incorporate moral ambiguity and social injustice.

To be honest, this is the first comic film I’ve ever watched, not because it is required but because, from the very first time I saw its graphics, I knew ’twas good! (and I watch Spider-Man since childhood, so…why not watch again bwahaha!). The intro music and execution are wild!!! So please, when you watch the film, finish your popcorn first before you’d even forget you have one. But on a serious note, the creative team of this film is truly off to a great start! The artwork, the action scenes, the speech balloons, every single thing was perfectly executed! While watching the film, I really felt the promise of some exciting storylines to come, and totally couldn’t wait for its continuation (if there is! Ahuu!).

A solid cliffhanger and wonderful artworks completely left me wanting more 😦 my kiddie heart is way beyond grateful to see this movie. Let’s go, Miles Morales!