Be careful with his spider webs!

Into the New generation: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Film review by Mark Gil Sabandal


Let me tell this right now; honestly speaking, watching this film for the very first time gives me so much goosebumps! I never expected myself liking this kind of film. I am not an avid fan of cartoon films yet this one is exceptional.

Please click the link above to watch the official trailer. 🙂

After I have read few issues particularly one to five of the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011), I can say that the story is quite different from the movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verseyet it still manages to stick with the timeline. This amazing film is directed by Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman.


What I admire most about the story is that the people behind this film a lead character that is not a stereotypical “white” guy. Somehow I feel like it gives justice to everyone – that all should be treated equally.  The plot focuses on a teenage boy named Miles. He never thought of becoming a super hero, until one day, Miles got bitten by a spider that gives him a super power just like the Spider-Man.

On the technical aspect of the film, the visual presentation cinematography and was brilliant and outstanding. Everyone that is part of the technicalities behind the camera deserves a round of applause. They made sure that audiences can easily engage in the story (although the plot is very unpredictable which made the film very interesting), regardless of “age” generation – everyone will surely enjoy the film. The special effects used in the film shows that they really exerted efforts and took time in executing each scenes perfectly especially during their battle. Despite of the fact that this is an animation/cartoon film; the emotions were displayed accordingly, one good example is when Peter trusted Miles that he can win the battle which happens on the latter part of the story.

I will not spill too much information, but I guarantee you it is worth your time to watch this film.

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