“It’s just puberty”

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse follows the story of teenage boy Miles Morales after being bitten by a radio active spider. His goal is simple, to only live a simple life together with his family and his friends. But after paying a visit to his uncle, he realizes that things start to get strange. As the film goes by, he meets five different counterparts from other dimensions. Together they fight the odds.

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Let me start by saying that the plot of this film is impressive. It stands out among any other superhero film. I also admire how they sticked to the original story of the comics but added its own twist. The way the characters were brought to life gave a deep attachment with the audience. For instance, the introduction scene of each spider-man. And as someone who loves humor, the exchange of comedic lines was a great idea.

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The colorful animation and comic book visuals were all a great idea, s fresh take on animated films. The film’s soundtrack was also spot on. Not to mention some hits like Post Malone’s sunflower. The scenes of this film were busy, but somehow they all work.

The details that were put into the story makes this film a standout. Stan Lee would definitely be proud

Marge Morales

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