Web of 21st Century

By: Mendoza, Khamylle Anne E.

First things first: The movie is SUPERB.

Is it any good? Of course. 105%. Personally, I can say that the movie is timely, fun, and witty in every way I could possibly imagine 😀 it explores the real-life implications in a way that teens could easily relate. The film demonstrates Miles Morales’s, the main character, struggles in school and even his struggle of being Spider-Man, and oh! Even the guilt o’er his uncle’s death is clearly depicted too! For me, the movie was combined with an amazing introduction complication towards white supremacy and the struggles of being brown in a white society. 😊 also, I love how the film showed the genuine attitude of Miles–his honesty, his edginess, his unconditional love and respect for the people he encounters and of course, for his family. It’s good to see that a comic film like this can perfectly prove that comics with an intense adventure could also deal and incorporate moral ambiguity and social injustice.

To be honest, this is the first comic film I’ve ever watched, not because it is required but because, from the very first time I saw its graphics, I knew ’twas good! (and I watch Spider-Man since childhood, so…why not watch again bwahaha!). The intro music and execution are wild!!! So please, when you watch the film, finish your popcorn first before you’d even forget you have one. But on a serious note, the creative team of this film is truly off to a great start! The artwork, the action scenes, the speech balloons, every single thing was perfectly executed! While watching the film, I really felt the promise of some exciting storylines to come, and totally couldn’t wait for its continuation (if there is! Ahuu!).

A solid cliffhanger and wonderful artworks completely left me wanting more 😦 my kiddie heart is way beyond grateful to see this movie. Let’s go, Miles Morales!

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