you’re a sunflower

A film review by Justin Dizon for “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the first animated film in the Spider-Man franchise. The film is about a multiverse which has alternative universes—different “Spider-Verses”. Miles Morales, the film’s protagonist, is a teenager who is a big fan of Spider-Man and is struggling to meet the expectations of his parents. Every after school, Miles secretly visits his uncle, Aaron Davis, who is not really in good terms with his father, Jefferson Davis. Aaron brings Miles to an abandoned subway station in which they paint graffiti. While enjoying their little graffiti painting session, Miles was bitten by a spider which happens to be the unordinary; it’s a radioactive spider. The day after, Miles woke up with the abilities and powers of a Spider-Man—he can do a venom blast and unlike other Spider-Men, he can turn invisible.

The film’s antagonist is Kingpin, the villain who created a particle accelerator to be able to enter or gain access to parallel universes. Kingpin is ill-bent on doing such because he wants to find an alternative “version” of his wife and son who both died in a car crash in Kingpin’s universe, after they saw Kingpin trying to kill Spider-Man which triggered them to flee. Along the film’s plot, Miles meets several “Spider-peeps”: Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman, Peter Porker/Spider-Ham, Peni Parker, and Spider-Man Noir.

Overall, the film was a delight—it’s not the typical superhero film wherein the situation is so intense that the fate of entire mankind, or some galaxy, or some universe is at stake; the conflict is not the “everything we know hangs in the balance situation”. The film was light and really cute but is not devoid of quality. From the animation, visual effects, the sound actors, and even the playlist, everything was great. For me, this is a film that I can call “fun”, literally. This is the animated spider-man film that we want and deserve.

I guess I have given too much spoilers but believe me, this film is really nice. You might even want to add Post Malone’s “Sunflower” which adds up to the fun factor of the film, well at least for me. So yes, you should go watch this film!

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