The Matrix

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The Matrix, a science fiction action film by The Wachowski brothers. It’s a mixture of philosophy and religion and those special effects that fascinates the audience. Directors Andy and Larry Wachowski did a great job to keep the audiences intrigued to the characters whom they plays the best action scenes that contributes to the success of the film.
The film Matrix, centers on Thomas Anderson who lives a double life. To most people he is a computer programmer and destined to play a major role. But at his home, he is Neo, a computer hacker. Then there’s Morpheus, a mysterious computer presence and a leader of rebel who contacted Neo. Saying, “The Matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit.” He believes that Neo is “The One” and Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith, a monotone aggressor.

The story is about the human development of artificial intelligence that that resulted in a war between the machine and man that ended in robot domination. When the two met (Neo and Morpheus), he explained to Neo that the reality that he think is just a fabrication. It’s just the product of machines that use human beings as power supplies. Morpheus shows the truth to Neo, being the uncertain one. Soon, Neo already knows how to manipulate the Matrix. A computer generated dream world built by the machines to control human minds. The goal of the machine is to eliminate all free human beings and their powerful weapons which is the Sentient Agents (who look like Men in Black, wearing black suits and all) led by Agent Smith. And their goal was to capture Morpheus and his team.

The film moves with the blurred line between the reality and computer generated world, and it leaves the viewers really confused. But at the same time, the audience can still follow the story and understand what is happening despite the secrets that have not been revealed.
On the other side of the film, it is visually stunning, with the action sequences choreographed to excite the eye and quicken the pulse of the viewer. They also used shadows, slow motion, quick cuts and offbeat humor. Everything from the set design up to the costumes, which consists of mostly black colors costumes and sunglasses as well that, contributes to the overall look of the film.
Those who are a die-hard science fiction will eventually love this. It offers a plot that mixes both past and present era. Then there’s also romance, betrayal, lots of action scenes and humor that all wrapped into a well-produced film.

-Kristle Vital

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