The Matrix: Intelligence system

The Matrix film written and Directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski. Produced by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is a combination of Action, Adventure, Science Fiction and Thriller genre movie. This movie is full of visual effects that will excite the audience. It provides an interesting view that leads to questions because some scenes are not yet clear, but if you focus on the story earlier you will get what the story is about. The main cast is Keanu Reeves as Neo, at first he does not know he is the chosen one until the rebel group reveals his purpose. The Matrix is one of the great movie of all time. Although during that year in 1999, it has not been technically high tech, but they did their best to show their talent in making this movie possible as a modern technology.

The movie settings include their speech, costume, movements and gestures. They create some illusions that are something to do in the movie. The idea for this is to get the reaction between audience and movie. The Matrix, a huge artificial intelligence system, enters the minds of the people and creates the illusion of a real world, while using their internal bodies for strength. A remarkable movie that releases the genre and features a lot of fun shows for frequent actions scenes. A classic innovation movie with philosophical ideas that have thought of ideas about what is true, and it’s always remembered as a major hit in cinema with a mixture of modern visual effects, amazing moves and iconic. Of course this movie is rated “R” some scenes are not suitable for young audiences, parental guidance must be advised.


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