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Film Review on George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

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Mad Max: Fury Road is a science fiction film directed, produced, and written by George Miller. It won six awards during the 2016 Academy Awards namely best film editing, best sound mixing, best costume design, best production design, best sound editing, and best makeup.

The film is set after the collapse of civilization and follows Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) who saves tyrant Joe Citadel’s five wives from his captivity. While on the run, she crosses paths with Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) and together they flee to safety.

Unlike other action films I have seen, this film does not ease you into the fight and explosive scenes but takes you right to it. Mad Max:Fury Road starts off very fast with the action becoming a little to overbearing and hard to take in at first but becomes addicting all throughout.

The creativity and imagination put into this are a result of how well-thought off the film is. I have uncovered through research that Mad Max:Fury Road has been a project of Miller since 1997 but has been delayed and stuck in development stages until 201 2 when principal filming began.

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The Academy did the right thing in awarding Mad Max: Fury Road with the best film editing. Just to see Theron have a missing arm is award winning enough. But what was surprising to know was that the film did not heavily rely on CGI for their effects.  Most of the explosives in the films are real and yes, even the man playing the guitar with the flames—the flames are real.

What I love about the film are the characters and how the females are written—they are not your damsels in distress. Imperator Furiosa goes against everything seen as ladylike. She has a shaved head, is strong, shoots guns and other weapons, drives a huge car-slash-tank, and wears the pants. I appreciate the fact that she is not seen less of a fighter than Max—they are both portrayed as equals, have just the same amount of ass-kicking scenes (if not, I think Theron has more), and they do not fall in love with each other.

The five wives although in distress are able to fight their own battles, they follow orders from Theron’s character and are not afraid to get dirty.

The film’s warm cinematography was something I appreciated. I have no complaints about the shots and angles used for the scenes.

This is a film I would definitely recommend people to see. This film has a little something for everybody. If you are someone who wants to watch a film just for explosives and fight scenes or if you want something that delivers a message that women are not sexual objects and can fight their own battles then this film will not disappoint you.

Ericka Frye

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