Mad Max: A Rip-Roaring Chase

George Miller’s Mad Max features the story of survival, escape, and vengeance in a post apocalyptic world. The plot follows Max Rockatansky, who escapes from the hands of Immortan Joe, Citadel’s harsh leader. Amidst his journey, he meets Immortan Joe’s commander in chief, Furiosa, who is also trying to escape together with Joe’s three wives. Together, they try to get away from the furious leader’s people in a dessert full of hardships and battles. As the days go by, Max realizes that the only option is to kill Immortan Joe and return to Citadel.

Even with a very little amount of dialogue in the film, the story was not quite difficult to understand. The use of symbols made the story flow clear to comprehend. Also, the Visuals of the movie worked together in making Mad Max a distinct film. For instance, the utilization of dark blue hues for night scenes and overly saturated warm hues for day scenes added to the overall vibe and emotion of the movie. The props, costumes and backdrops also helped it giving each character his or her original style patterned with the film’s unique setting, such as the creation of originally made symbols that represent different groups and complex vehicles..

In terms of its cinematography, Mad Max uses a variety of camera angles such as high and low angles to create statements about each individual. Moreover, the film focused on featuring subjects on the center of the screen, in order for the audience to avoid eye shifting from frame to frame

More than just being an action film, Mad Max creatively depicted stories behind each role by showing the deep origins of its notable characters. An example would be the flashbacks that show unfamiliar faces such as the little girl, prompting the viewers to to dig deeper into the plot. Furthermore, the film also effectively portrayed empowerment by portraying Furiosa as a fearless unstoppable woman of power.

Honestly, im not such a fan of film from the same genre but it’s one of the very few action films that I like. Would definitely watch this again.

Morales, Marge

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