The Matrix

What will you choose, the red pill or the blue pill? What are you in for, the blissful ignorance or the harsh and difficult reality?

Prior to watching “The Matrix” weeks ago, all I know is that the film has slow-motion takes. I mean, growing up, that’s all I know. The fact that this film was described as one of the greatest science fiction films of all time made me look like some fool because of my prior knowledge. The film’s plot revolves around a dystopian realm that has a simulated reality, called the “Matrix” created by artificial intelligence that will also control humans. The protagonist, computer-savvy and hacker, Neo, learns the truth by swallowing a “red pill” that opened his eyes and gave him the drive to revolt against these machines. 

For a 1999 film, it had excellent visual effects. “The Matrix” was known for popularizing “bullet time” or “frozen moment” which brings the slow motion scenes before our eyes. With all honesty, I personally had a difficult time understanding the film. I, however, admire the fact that the film possesses allusions on Marxism and feminism. For the bourgeoisie and the patriarchal, “The Matrix” wouldn’t pass as their easy favorite. I have plenty of qualms with capitalism and I am a feminist that is why I found the allusions admirable. Neo’s breakaway is a metaphor; it symbolizes the revolt of the oppressed from the oppressor. Trinity deviates from the patriarchal portrayal of women, not only with her physical aspects but also her character; Trinity is a deviation from social constructs per se. 

I highly recommend this film. If you want entertainment combined with innovative visual effects and excellent cinematography, this film is for you. If ever you’ll stumble at times and feel confused, do not worry, I felt that too. You are now probably at the end of my review… so what did you choose, red or blue? Choosing blue is convenient, choosing red is bold, but easier said than done. 

-Justin Dizon

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