Empowered women

Watching Mad Max for the second time around never failed to amaze me. It helps me to understand the deeper context of the story. The very first part of the film is very exciting and interesting at the same time. For first time viewers’, they may feel that the plot of the story is all about survival of the fittest or more so violence. The fighting scenes are well-executed especially that  they made use of shifting methods from low angle shots and high angle shots which show the whole view of the setting. Each angle was appropriate from time to time. The aesthetic beauty and rich colors are absolutely spectacular too. Although it may appear a bit saturated but I think it matches the atmosphere of every scene considering that most of the fighting shots are in desert, and they also maximize the use of lighting which incorporated rich colors and has surprisingly added to the overall emotion and theme of the film.   

The character that stood up the most for me is Furiosa. She embodied most of the women nowadays, brave and intelligent. It is also worth it to mention that this film uses Feministic approach, apart from being one of the main characters, Furiosa shows being an empowered women.  It was shown on the movie how she led the group and always weighs in what is good for everyone and helps the wives in escaping the citadel’s territory, and more importantly, she serves as assistance for Max’s flight. 

Although some viewers may think that the film’s focus is all about action and violence, granted that action films basically center on a protagonists role in which focuses on how to overcome battles, problems and conflicts and eventually succeed by means of physical actions as the key distinctive element of the film (Buffam, 2011).

Watching the film the second time around made me realizes that it also centers the aspects of reality and our daily life economic problems. One good example is, considering that the main location of the story is in desert in which people lacks water, which mirrored most of the people nowadays who earn below wage salary.

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