One Futureworld

Mendoza, Khamylle Anne E.

The Matrix

The film was released by The Wachowskis in 1999. The characters of the film were Laurence Fishburne as the witty Morpheus, Carrie-Ann Moss the strong woman, and of course, the main character—Keanu Reeves who played the lost and confused Neo. In this film, Reeves executed a full fledged and much reformed character. The film entails impressive special effects manifesting the battle between good and evil. It focuses on the idea of what reality truly means. Personally, I think the film strives to elevate the viewers to think that reality is confusing, and that people are living in a world full of dreams. Indeed, the film uplifts the question why reality is our enemy. Hence, it demonstrates the purpose of human existence. On the other hand, the acting in this movie is SUPERB! It seems like the characters played by the right actors.

In fact, I love how the film brought off the beauty of fighting scenes such as the gun fighting! And the actions executed were not the basic ones, I think the actors went through a tough months of training to learn Kung-Fu or Martial Arts or something from scratch to look those kicks and punches quite choreographed. And I think those efforts absolutely helped the film display a more computer generating setting. 

In addition, another attribute of the film I liked the most was its choice of music. Most especially during the fight scenes wherein fast tempos were used. Not only that, the film has a variety of songs as well… from heavy metal to classical rhythms. The costumes, on the other hand, are interesting too! Each costume symbolizes different groups.

Above all, I think The Matrix stands out from other film considering the science fictions, since it has an intense fighting scenes combined with an appropriate music and dramatically stunning special effects. 

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