The One I Love

Realism represents the real world connected with all real-life emotions and whatever genre is, it will make sense. This is the best medium that can be related to the audience when they watch a movie. ” The One I Love” matches this film because of this movie you would know the essence of a real couple by how they want to overcome their weak relationship. Marriage is sacred so it is worth maintaining and appreciating it. Yes, it is true, but how long can it be maintained despite the temptations of human life? However, when you watch The One I Love starring Mark Duplas as Ethan, Elizabeth Moss as Sophie and Ted Danson as The Therapist, where here you can get a lot of surprises and confusion. The script for the 2014 movie was written by Justin Lader. The story then is that the therapist suggested a retreat for a couple to return their previous marriage and to love each other again. In conformity with IMDb post, The One I Love, received awards from the Newport Beach Film Festival as a winner of the Honor for Outstanding Achievement in Acting (Elisabeth Moss) and San Francisco Film Critics Circle as an Honor winner for Special Citation. The film is well worthy of these awards because the acting is real and the story is unique. The great work of this movie creates an awesome and twists.

The film “The One I Love” directed by Charlie McDowell. Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss characters worked nicely hand and hand. This film is a drama and a romance and a bit of mystery, here you can see the main two characters are just in the major scenes, Ethan (Duplass) and Sophie (Moss)who is about to divorce and both agreed to consult a therapist for their marriage, as a counseling for a reasons. Her husband cheated on her behalf and through that their communication, it was not good enough and even making love. They are being criticized for one another and they are not doing well with each other. Because of those circumstances in their relationship, now they decided to redeem what they have started when they were newlywed, to bring back their joyful moments. As the advised of their therapist (Ted Danson) it is better to have a vacation as a “retreat” for the weekend.
They followed their therapist and they went somewhere in their retreat. This is a great place to be in a beautiful guest house. Here in this area it is very important for couples to heal their life in marriage and will eventually be renewed. Ethan and Sophie thought to try and feels good. At the main house, Ethan prepares a wonderful dinner; they drank some wine, smoke, swim and rest. They really enjoyed their first day because of their excitement. They talked about loving one another and happily enjoying life. No other guest is just the two of them in a guest house. The sightseeing area is just around the corner. On that night, they decided to sleep together in a guest house, but his wife went back to the main house to change clothes. Surprisingly, Ethan fell asleep on the couch. She wondered how quickly Ethan would get there. She asked how he quickly got there. Ethan also asked her what she did? Sophie said that they did what they did, but Ethan did not do it. Sophie became more and more angry and slept alone. When Ethan returned to another guest house and while sleeping, Sophie suddenly came and she was grateful. When the morning came he woke up and saw Sophie cooking a bacon for breakfast, he just realized that his wife does not like bacon and he was just confused.
Ethan returned to the main house and Sophie appeared in the bathroom.He took her and brought him to the guest house, but it was nothing again, without the sign of breakfast. They went outside and explaining all the extra ordinary things that are happening. Ethan decided on a test, to go back to the guest house and see Sophie what he was saying about what was happening at home. They had a deal that they entered into one by one to see what Ethan was saying that it was telling the truth. Sophie first entered to the guest house, she saw Ethan doing an exercise and things like that Ethan does not do it at all. Aside, she was very excited about Ethan’s attitude, she saw his positive in his heart and there is no hesitation in communicating with him. Sophia went out of the house and immediately they pack all the things that they have and left. While eating at the coffee shop they have a conversation about the things happening in that area. They realize to go back and see possible things for them if they try it and it can be beneficial to their relationship. When they returned to the place, they talked about what they should do and should not be done and agreed to each other. The number one rule is to be honest and no spying while inside the guest house. Ethan gives only fifteen minutes to Sophie. While she entered the guest house she saw Ethan doing a painting of her and he is very different from his usual habits. The time was over for Sophie and Ethan wondered why Sophie had not come out yet. He hurried to go to the guesthouse and peek at the door and saw that Sophie was enjoying the massage. Sophie suddenly came out and angry with Ethan and again they fight and Ethan explains that she has passed over the given time. Here they know each other that something is going on and they continue to know what’s happening. Ethan secretly went to the guesthouse and set up his mobile to record but when he came back it was gone and no longer on its place.

The next morning Ethan decided to buy things outside, while he is driving, he realized to go back again and return to the guesthouse. Sophie did not know that Ethan did not go on his way and she had a plan to visit other Ethan at the guesthouse. She did not know the true Ethan was at home. Ethan just pretends to be the other man and they have a good time. Sophie continues to meet other Ethan and gradually she fell in love with him. After they had a great moment, Sophie returns to the main house and Ethan is coming and Sophie asks him about the things he’s buying, he says the store is closed. Then, Ethan returned to the guest house to see the other Sophie. Here he saw the other Sophie and confronted her that she was not her real wife and she was just pretending and they supposedly enjoying the weekend, but because of the appearance of the two, they are not enjoying their vacation.

While they are in the main house, they saw the other Ethan and Sophie sitting on a coach. There they saw it each other. Ethan was so confused about them and asking them if they are real. They are real but just pretending and Ethan finally concluded when he saw the file inside the guesthouse someone is manipulating their stay there. Inside, both of them had a dinner and play cards. Ethan is not good about them but Sophie is just relaxing and enjoying meeting them.
The following day morning, the other Sophie visited Ethan to the guest house, explains that the other Ethan has something special to his wife and he wanted to be with him and that does not have to happen. Ethan realize to fight for his love for his wife. Ethan hurried to the main house secretly to see Sophie. It was with other Sophie and she helped Ethan to recover her. He was sincerely telling him how does he loves him so much and explains about the trap. Ethan grab Sophie knowing she is the real wife and left the place. In the morning Ethan woke up and hearing Sophie’s cooking bacon for their breakfast. Gradually, Ethan think again and he just let it be.” The One I Love” is a completely unique movie, with some related scenes that is suitable for everyone.



For cinematography, including their costume, it is an ordinary clothes that are not expensive and ordinary people can wear it. It is not attractive but it is suitable for them based on their characters and they did not use a lot of clothes to impress the audience, they are focused solely on their story. When it comes to make-up, a light on their faces and you will notice a natural make-up for them. It is only noticeable to the lips of Sophie to use a light lipstick. Both characters are in a very simple face. The setting based on a real guesthouse with main house and swimming pool. The place has a beautiful scenery when you look at it surroundings of a mountains and lots of trees. It is a best place for the film. For the lighting they use combination to determine the appropriate figure for the background. Not much focus on the lighting because most of the scenes captured the natural lights. Their acting is so real, not too much it is just light not heavy. They use many practical things, regardless of the existing lights in the main house. In the guesthouse they have some lights they can use such as bouncing a natural light that comes from outside. Sunshine is the most important illumination of this movie because of its setting throughout the place. Some scenes are dark when Ethan and Sophie swim in the evening and during counseling to the therapist. They use multiple shot angles and movements for this movie to showcase different features. The production is simple just made of real things not so much effects on the film. They used natural effects and that is appropriate for this kind of story. For this movie, it is a budget movie that you can see that there are no other things you can say that is a luxury.

In this film’s story of the theory of realism, marriage is truly for a couple and the story for this movie is common in real life. This is the actual happening in marriage life like the scene when Ethan and Sophie consulted to the therapist to bring back their relationship. Some couple who are going through this situation they will do what Ethan and Sophie did. Because in real life even they are already married, there are circumstances like Ethan did with his wife, he cheated her or it may be a vise versa with the wife. It is not exempted for a couple to do the wrong one. Anyone can make cheating on their partner. In addition, communicate with each other to understand small things like simple arguments that can be resolved before it’s too late. Another real thing is forgiveness, because when Ethan tells about his feeling to Sophie that he really loves him so much and asking for forgiveness in spite of what he has done. Sophie realized Ethan changed his attitude and you can see it in her teary eyes, there is a reconciliation and forgiveness. Also, with trust and honesty in a relationship. While they are in a retreat, they are talking about the rules and these are an important aspect of their agreement.
“The One I Love” is a movie for a couple who has the same situation and it is related to them that can be an inspiration because it is not easy to undergo this type of situation unless you have something to prove that you do not love your partner anymore or several cases such as a brutality. But this is for everybody even if it is not married yet. They can get an idea about married life. They would learn and get some important aspects in this real movie.  Most of the scenes here are real and there are no illusions. When watching this movie, there is an interesting and excitement because they are just a normal couple. One of them has having an affair with someone. Though it is forbidden when you are already married because of the vow during your wedding day. Even before and until now, there are cases after they get married one of these may have been different and they did not want to fight their sworn marriage and come out with the destruction of their marriage that was overjoyed before. Marriage is often denied. We think we all know and come here without learning how to do it. Wisdom is important thing if you want to achieve a happy marriage life. Little things should not a big deal. Understanding in every situation is not just by doing your own way but also consult for an expert if you think you do not know how to handle it. Marriage is a signing contract that needs to do it in order to maintain it. It is very important to have these because is a sacred and not just an ordinary contract. Couples need to share and care. They should support and trust each other through thick and thin seasons. Strong promise strengthens them even if they are far from work or status. Additionally, it includes pledge, sympathy, care, courtesy and being present for one another. Marriage does not give warranty for happiness and satisfaction forever. There are many challenges in a certain time. But the most important thing is that you stay firm with each other until the end of your life. Everything will end in a good mood. Marriage is a group activity where there are daily life activities that can be done in a best possible way. At first when doing an activity, not sure how to work on it because this is the first time to do it. But one thing is for sure your determination and perseverance to win the goal. Learning to each other is one of the important factors in marriage. Also, it is genuine love that is absolutely limitless. This is all about your relationship, remember you are now in one as a couple. Giving pure love is best for the best gift you can make to the one you love. You learn to be generous and think about your partner before you and it helps you to be complete and confidence to yourself. Doing things like these, it will boost and develop your relationship strongly. However, it can build your personality in terms of being a partner. Also, it gives you the opportunity to see other beauty that comes from within. It’s not just the physical appearance that matters to married, but what matters is your partner’s attitude. It is best to know the mind and heart of a person as the basis for your love. Everyone make mistakes, in a long run period of time of marriage, unexpectedly you might get hurt with your love one. Sometimes you feel weak and no energy to fulfill your responsibility as a partner and you cannot understand anymore and you want to give up. All the burdens are in your body and mind. But your heart is pure, it is time to reflect. This is a reflection for what you have done and the committed sin against your partner. Change all the ego and humble yourself before anything else. This is all about forgiveness and forgetting. This is to heal your broken heart at the same time to heal the one you hurt.  this is for the sake of past times, your reconciliation, and the vows that will emerge stronger and live happily. Care for one another can be better and nobody will be with you or be with someone because at the end you will realize your partner’s care. Always think the best possible that you can do, do it in a positive way in order to have the best result.
Just like Ethan and Sophie did in this movie. They have strong relationship despite of the intense attempts and trials. They did not harm each other physically. Instead they make a solution to overcome their weak relationship. Here they find the courage to deal with the trials in order to overcome those things that should not be and they believe that their marriage does not cause them to be separated even though Ethan was cheated to his wife. If Ethan is guilty for his sin to his wife, he did ask for forgiveness and he humble himself and he wanted to bring back to their previous marriage. That is why they went to an expert which is the therapist, because they were weak and did not know how to handle their marriage. In this situation, it is important to know what is the best remedy to cure the wound. It’s a good idea to consult an expert if you think you have no other way to resolve your relationship. Through that experience while in their retreat. They learned about them their attitude as well and the things that is better for them. This is how brave they are; they have strong positive mind set. Through it all, they have respect, care, compassion and even unconditional love. All the negative things that happened to them at the end of their retreat, they realized what they had to change in their selves and to know each other deeply. At the end, they changed a lot and renewed their mind and hearts. For these things, things have changed for a better future, which someday they are an inspiration for others and a good story for everyone and this will serve as a guide. Now they have a positive result.  “The One I love” is the movie can be recommended to everyone. It is a nice movie. Watch it to believe and you will see. 
Joseph D. Nuqui



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