Love doesn’t need validation

Mark Gil Sabandal

Understanding the deeper context of love doesn’t need validation. This is what I have learned while watching the movie, Rainbow Sunset directed by Joel Lamangan, starring veteran star actors Eddie Garcia, Gloria Romero, and Tony Mabesa.

Let me just say this right now – I loved the whole theme of the story! It was truly made with a heart. ♥

The film focuses on so many aspects of love. First is the love of a Mother, Sylvia (portrayed by Gloria Romero) to her family showed she will do everything she can just to ensure that the family is intact and united. Her role demonstrated so much substance such as how she can endure the pain seeing her husband, Ramon (portrayed by Eddie Garcia) with his childhood best friend turned lover, Fredo (portrayed by Tony Mabesa). Also, on how she comforts her children during difficult times.

Second is, Ramon, an 84-year old man who served the country as a former vice mayor and a senator, confessed to his children about his relationship with Fredo (portrayed by Tony Mabesa). That scene shows no one has the right to question what love is all about. It’s not just for the LGBTQ but for everyone.

Lastly, Fredo (portrayed by Tony Mabesa) he fell in love with Ramon since their childhood days. He helped Ramon to achieve his goals. One of the scenes shows Sylvia recalls and share the story to one of her children, Fe (portrayed by Sunshine Dizon) what the good things that Fredo did for the welfare of Ramon such as he paid half of the cost of Ramon and Sylvia’s wedding. For me, this is unconditional love. Fredo knows from day one where to put himself of. And that adds to the quality of the story. It is rare in a story to find a love triangle like this that is full of love.

Ramon took care of Fredo but unluckily during Georgina’s birthday party, Ramon walked out because he felt that Fredo was treated less by not allowing him to seat at the same table where Sylvia and Ramon were. After that night, Fredo found Ramon dead on his bed holding a white paper which is supposedly his speech on Georgina’s birthday.

Although some scenes did not give a clear ending like the illegal activity plan of Emman (portrayed by Tirso Cruz III) and his brother-in-law,  and also when Emman had a fight with  Fe’s boyfriend named Jonel (portrayed by Albie Casino).

Everyone shares fair problems and trouble. The entire family was again united and I loved the ending part where Sylvia went to Fredo and said she will be staying at Fredo’s house and she will take care of him. This made me feel that Sylvia is honoring Ramon’s love for Fredo.

I salute all the people behind of this film. You guys made me cry!!  I recommend this film to those who would like to be enlightened about love and look at it in the deeper context.

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