Rainbow Sunset: Set You Free

The Rainbow Sunset movie is included in the MMFF entry 2018 and directed by Joel Lamangan. This is a drama genre that shows friends’ love beyond their character’s issues. Here are three main characters, Ramon Estrella is a politician, Sylvia is Ramon’s wife and Fredo best friend of Ramon and Sylvia and because of his family, Ramon graduated from his course. It also features an event originally created in Angeles City where the famous Holy Rosary Church, The Pamintuan Mansion is seen in the movie and the City Library was created as San Martin Hall. This is the power cast of seniors.

Ramon and Fredo are always at one another and they feel each other, in a nutshell they have a mutual understanding. They love each other and they have secret affair. Even in their old age they have value to each other. Especially in their situation at this time they are no longer afraid of what their character is and they are bold in dealing with their character because
they get it in
strength. It also proves the strength of a wife that she knew in herself that she would rival their friend. But the love of a friend and a wife prevails despite of any problems.

This movie is a testimony of the family’s care and resistance. And it’s good to witness a movie where all the main characters are in their old age. There are a few moments that their scene is light and there are many dramatic parts. This film is delivering the audience with a realistic flow of emotions. Their actions are good and nothing is exaggerated. Everyone achieves the designated character. In all of these, the family is the most important of all societies and they can also help and support all things.

Joseph D. Nuqui

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