Alone Together: A fresh take on love and ambition

Told in a non-linear construct, Jadaone presents the film’s characters with vibrance. Tin (Soberano), a goal driven Arts major from UP who reckons that she can change the world and Raf (Gil) a laid-back pre-med student from UST. However, their relationship boils down to an end when Tin, being the determined woman that she is, loses hope of Raf’s progression in life.

Jumping into present time, both are separately in a relationship and cross paths in an awarding ceremony. From this point, they rekindle the tales of their relationship and grasp that life didn’t bring them to where they expected to be.

As someone who has watched over a thousand romantic movies, Alone/Together is interesting. It hits its audience deeply by presenting a worn-out type of relationship. Above all, it entails the crucial mantle of individuality in romance and how one’s identity can either make or break that bond. The film reaches out to the youth. This is perhaps one of the things in the film that hits the mark. Themes of art and history are elements that also draw the viewers into the story.

The utmost strength of the film is that it was able to dig deeper into the character’s whirlwind of emotions. Not to mention Soberano’s unique approach to the character. There wasn’t a demand for hysterical, overwruoght lines. Her minimal, subtle performance was surprisingly effective.

More than the film’s story, the utilization of scenic shots supported by renditions of old school tracks added depth to the the scene’s mood. 

Alone together portrays the funny twists of life, ambition and experience squeezed in a stirring, heart-rending romance.

Marge Morales

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