Alone Together: Rebuild and Forgive

Rebuild and forgive yourself in order to learn how to love again. This is what I have learned while watching the movie, Alone Together directed by Antoinette Jadaone, starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil.

Film review by Mark Gil Sabandal

The film starts by introducing Philippines’ history in which it feels like a brand new approach in a romance genre. Christine’s character (Liza Soberano) is a goal oriented student from the University of the Philippines who aims to go to New York and witness beautiful museums such as MoMA and The Met.

She’s very optimistic about everything during her college days and hopes that one day she can changed the world. Right after she graduated with a magna cum laude distinction, she immediately gets a job related to her interests until one miserable day occurs.

During that time she’s been in a relationship with Raf (Enrique Gil) who has no idea why suddenly Christine made a decision to end their relationship. Fast forward to the most important part of the story which is the scene where they met again after five years; Raf became a successful doctor while Christine is a plain secretary working in a corporate world which is far away from her ambition of becoming a museum director.

An opportunity comes in when Raf and Tin met in a park in University of the Philippines where they always used to go for pastime during their college days. Tin confessed what really happened before why she dumped Raf. Tin taught that she can never regain herself because of that incident until Greg (Luis Alandy) serves as her knight and shining armor that help her to pay her debt. Raf, on the other hand, became matured enough to handle the situation. He even convinced Tin to grab the special assignment for her work in New York so that she can visit well-known museums she once dreamed of. Never did Tin imagine that Raf will follow her in New York. At that moment, they both consider the place as a paradise and the term “what-ifs” should not exist.

I will not spill too much information, but I guarantee you it is worth your time to watch this film.  After watching it I realized this film taught me a lot such as acceptance, not to be too hard on myself, and embrace my failure and ensure that I will never be on the same hole again.  

Technicality wise, the cinematography of this film uses warm tones in most part of the scenes which is timely and relevant. It also uses angles and shots that are well-executed and appropriate in every scenes. Overall, I will rate this film as 4/5.

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