Real sisters and reel sisters: Effortlessly funny

By Charmaine Quizon
Credits: Google

Lighthearted and touching movie worth to watch with family this New Year

Director: RC Delos Reyes
Producer: Paul Soriano
Release Date: 25 December 2018
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Long wait is over. After almost 10 years, SamTin team-up star in one of the movie entries of the MMFF 2018, Mary, Marry me. The supporters of the former onscreen partners were delighted when announced several months ago that a reunion movie was coming following their blockbuster movies: You are the one (2006), You got me (2007), My big love (2008), and Ang Tanging Pamilya: A Marry Go Round (2009). Along with Toni and Sam, television host, actress, and vlogger Alex Gonzaga also joins and definitely adds fun and life to this movie.

Credits: Google

The movie Mary, marry me is a dream come true for the celebrity sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga as it is deemed as their first project in the silver screen. The film is about two sisters Mary Jane (played by Toni) and Mary Anne (played by Alex) caught up in an awkward fate over Sam Milby’s character Pete. The sisters had a fun childhood not till a tragic incident happened to their parents that estranged them from each other. They grew and found life apart. And when the two were finally reunited, life plays another trick on them. Mary Jane’s sister Mary Anne is set to marry her ex-boyfriend Pete. How will the two sisters fill the void of time they were distant? How will Mary Jane handle the responsibility of being the wedding coordinator of her sister’s wedding when the past keeps sneaking and reminding her of the bygone days with Pete? How far can Mary Anne go in defending her position as Pete’s fiancĂ©e? Those intriguing questions are all answered in the movie.

Credits: Google
Credits: Google

The story centers on the special bond and friendship formed out of sisterhood. The movie celebrates sisterly love, understanding, and joy. The Gonzaga sisters did an outstanding job in their respective roles. Their easy and free acting performances speak of authentic closeness they have behind the camera. Sam Milby’s heartthrob aura never waned. It is present undeniably. This movie is not just for sisters. This is for everybody. You may have no sisters, or no siblings at all but this is a feel-good movie which is worth your time and money. It is effortlessly funny. Alex’s bubbly personality stood out. Her comedic talent is commendable. Some of the most popular comedians at present also add laughter in this flick: Bayani Agbayani, Moi Marcampo, and Melai Cantiveros. Every line they deliver evokes chuckle and giggle to the audience.

Credits: Google

This film is both amusing and very touching. And oh, you shouldn’t miss the climax. Alex proved one her dialogue line that she could be the meanest. Yes, she was mean in that particular scene.

Finally, the official soundtrack of this movie Sissums is really captivating, an original song and its lyrics is written by none other than- the Gonzaga sister. Indeed, a fun movie to watch this new year 2019.

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