Into the New generation: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Film Review by: Baek, Jin Wook

On December 2018, new generation of Spider-Man has appeared as an animation format with the title ” Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”

Directed by , Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has won several noticeable awards like ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards- Animated Film and Blimp Award for Favorite Animated Movie. This animation even won Best Animated Film from Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and New York film critics groups, along with nominations at the Critic’s Choice, Golden Globe and Annie Awards even before the film was released.

Peter Parker, known as the Spider-Man in people’s memory and even in my memory, it was somehow awkward to see a new Spider-Man in a totally different way. Previous Spider-Man Series were acted by Human not created and shown by animation.

In Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse broke some traditions from the previous Spider-Man such as the new character was black person, getting through the crisis are done by collaboration with other heroes unlike the previous film, it was done only by Spider-Man himself. However, procedure of becoming a Spider-Man was quiet the same. Miles Morales, the Main Character in the animation got bitten by an infected spider which gave him a super power just like the Spider-Man.

The plot of the story was really interesting and enjoyable. Creating scenes where Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man and Mile Morales, the new Spider-Man meets. It was quiet shocking enough that 2 Spider-Man existing in a film, but soon another Spider-Woman appeared where my head was already enjoying too much. However, for me, I guess it would have been much better if there was no other super heroes in the animation, especially the robot girl, the scenes which the character created was total disaster to the anime which was quiet disappointing(Maybe it was just the characteristic of that hero, but still, it didn’t match with this animation). Still, the plot itself was very clear and easy to understand where it makes people to enjoy the animation just like reading his/her favourite comic book.

The cinematography was excellent in all ways. I knew that it is an animation story based on Comic book and I realized that director put comic book features inside the transition scene of the animation where the texture of the scene seems like a cartoon page. Talking about special effects, actually the film itself is the special effect where from the walking, talking and action scenes were all created by computer effects. Moreover, I was amazed to know that, to keep the tone of each character, the director got Shameik Moore (Black American) to voice over Miles Morales and Jake Johnson (White American) to take Peter Parker’s role. Like this, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, considered every single elements to make the animation perfect.

With all the enjoyable aspects, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a very interesting Fantasy animation which is a must to watch especially for the cartoon lovers.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, will lead you into the new generation of Spider-Man.

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