Black Sheep is in the black

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By Charmaine B. Quizon

Mind-blowing P200 million gross in less than 2 weeks and it continues to swell as I write this review proves the Lizquen’s huge fan base making them one of the most bankable love teams in the country. Weeks ago, Lizquen’s supporters were thrilled just to the thought their idols were up to another project. As soon as the teaser came out, various theories of how the plot would go spilled through social media. The film is under the Hugot director Jadaone’s entitled Together Alone produced by Black Sheep, newest brand of ABS-CBN films. It opened on February 13 in the silver screen creating queues in the cinema. The film encompasses story of love, dreams, failure, success, and courage. The story revolves around two characters: Christine (played by Liza Soberano), an academic achiever who majors in Art Studies from UP Diliman and Rafael (played by Enrique Gil), who’s a happy-go-lucky lad majoring in Biology who barely pass his subjects. The two found themselves madly in love but the former was caught to an unexpected dilemma that caused her to do her most regretful decision- splitting up with Rafael. From a driven Christine, she gradually lost her enthusiasm in pursuing her dream of being a museum archivist due to that one mistake. Meanwhile, the latter humbly became a respected doctor. The two parted ways but fate brought them together and the concealed feelings and forgotten memories of the past were unleashed

Credits: Google

While the film has no overwhelming plot except the effective use of flashback in recounting events, the story is realistic. It is relatable. Shots and angles were conventional but the visual is exquisite credits to UP’s aged-old infrastructure and of course the museum which added aesthetics to the film. I think actors did well but not exceptional. Gil didn’t deliver an impressive transition from a simple university lad to an esteemed doctor as if he’s still a college boy from USTE in white coat. On the other hand, the beautiful Soberano portrayed her role quite well. What sets this film is its honesty. It underscores human frailty. Spectators could relate to the characters’ vulnerability and the path to courage, restoration, and eventually freedom. The film taught me that mistakes should not define people nor should they dictate one’s destiny thus never too old to pursue our dreams. In a nutshell, the film is nice and I appreciate its attempt to give audience something new for the love team Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil since they shared their first onscreen kiss on this movie. Now, that should give the audience extra excitement.

Credits: Google

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