The Matrix: Inventive, Interesting, and Iconic

Credits: Google

By Charmaine Quizon

Directors: Lana and Lilly Wachowski

Hollywood has been and is still being dominated by science fiction films. And who would not be fascinated to watch fictional characters as they explore their destiny and go about on their adventure of life? If you are a fan of this genre, you should never miss the exceptional film made by the Wachowskis- The Matrix. This is a trilogy with a cyberpunk plot that revolutionized the face of science fiction films. This is a story of Thomas Anderson or Neo played by Canadian actor Keanu Reeves, an outwardly ordinary software programmer in the morning and a hacker in the evening who found himself to be with a group of rebels brawling with super agents in saving humanity from a false reality world called The Matrix. Now this may sound so technical and filled with action-packed scenes but the film is more than that. It has a lesson that life is about making choices shown through myriads of symbolism. This motion picture has proven its greatness with a number of recognition like Best Visual Effects, Best Science Fiction film, and Movie of the year in the year 1999. Considering it was released 2 decades ago, each element that made up this movie is sure worth your time.

Credits: Google

The movie is inventive, interesting, and iconic.

The theme is inventive. The film incorporated referents in enriching spectator’s narrative experience. On this movie, you’ll get to be caught on some familiar object or idea that would seem unexpected but were properly executed.

The plot is interesting. The explanation of Neo’s dual nature and his search for truth in the beginning of the story were unfolded as the story progresses. Puzzling scenes make sense as the plot developed.

The actors’ performances are iconic. Aside from Keanu Reeve’s natural performance as Neo endowed with superhuman skills as he goes through an adventure of saving humanity from the virtual reality the Matrix, the casts’ costumes were another thing to look forward too. Black skintight coats with shades of lead characters set this movie apart from the rest. The action-packed scenes that would make your adrenaline pump is something to look forward too. All the movement defying gravity from jumping from a high-rise building to another one, free movement of walking on walls, and the iconic ultra slow motion of stream of bullets shunned by Neo by bending backwards were all visual treat.

Credits: Google

The Matrix (1999) is followed by a sequel The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions both released in 2003.

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