Newbie no more: Non-Professional Actors win acceptance and accolades

By Charmaine Quizon

Credits: Google

Amateur actors make names in the silver screen industry in delivering verisimilitude performance intensifying realism in film and is drawing attention from the public.

The critically acclaimed 2017 indie film The Florida Project is both shocking and salient. It is a story of a mother-daughter journey in life in financial distress living in a budget-motel dwellings in Magic Castle paradoxically located not far from The Happiest Place on Earth, the Walt Disney World. Halley (Bria Vinaite) is a young struggling mother with an insurgent characteristic who is far from reluctant to do anything and everything just to pay rent and provide food on the table for her daughter to the point of prostitution. Recently, she got fired from his job so resorted to selling of perfume to tourists from a nearby hotel tagging along her daughter…

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