Orange romance

“The Girl in the Orange Dress”

By Baek JinWook

Release Date: 25 December, 2018
Directed By: Jay Abello

This film is under the star Cinema and MJM productions for Metro Manila Film Festival 2018. I had a chance in watching Philippine film and it was enjoyable and entertaining overall.

The main characters are Jericho Rosales and Jessy Mendiola who acted as the main role in the story together with Three Jessy’s best friends (Hannah Ledsma, Ria Atayde and Sheena Halili).

The Story started with a movie star and an ordinary lady “Anna” waking up in the same bed at the AG New World Manila Bay hotel. It gave me an idea what happened during the night when Anna was half-naked shocked upon waking. Meanwhile Jericho Rosales is one of the famous star in the Philippines and eventually paparazzi took a photo of them walking inside the hotel which face of Anna was not shown. Eventually it became a big issue and made all the other media companies to gather in front of the hotel.

The Story went on with comedy scenes, Anna and Jericho strives to escape the hotel with out the media people noticing and at the end of the story, Anna and Jericho bravely opened to the public about their night and relationship.

The setting of the film was mostly done inside the hotel which I first thought the story will be boring but the director really made it enjoyable by putting conflicts and reality about the movie star. Jericho said “we all have feelings” which came to me as movie star is also a person who has emotions and feelings which people and the fans has stereotype about them. The movie was not actually realistic but contained reality in human emotion. Also it showed how media and people works and dig in to celebrity’s privacy and life which in the movie it showed as comedy scenes. Also the director put some conflicts about friendship and gave one vague question mark with Jericho. At the first scene when Anna and Jericho woke up in the same bed, Jericho’s phone rang and the name was shown “Honey” which at first I though he was cheating on his girlfriend. But at the end of the scene it drew out that “Honey” is a executive manager of Jericho.  The starring actor and actresses were perfectly matched to each characters and I saw no awkwardness. Also Color Red was considered the most attractive color for love but in this movie by putting the color Orange I believe it showed a soft but sudden love by young lovers.

Beautiful and handsome people creating their love like a destiny which can’t happen in this real world or might happen in the media field I guess, made me to enjoy the movie for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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