Fantastica: The Princess, The Prince and The Perya”

It’s a star-studded film directed by Barry Gonzales, it is a mix of fantasy and comedy that has a touching story that fits this holiday season. It tells the tale of a family who must find a way to save their carnival. Their carnival sadly lost its popularity and now struggling to their business. Belat (Vice Ganda), tried different schemes just to save Perya Wurtzbach (carnival) from Gang Name (Ryan Bang) and Dong Nam (Dingdong Dantes) who tried to buy the land.

Belat found himself on a desperate situation and met the Prince (Richard Gutierrez) who wants to negotiate with him. By means of finding the three princesses from the magical land of Fantastica in exchange that the Prince will restore the carnival.

The story itself was a lot different from some of his past films in MMFF. Despite of having a star-studded cast, it really had a touch of Christmas feeling that everyone would love.  Speaking of the star-studded cast, everyone was given their own spotlight. And we all know that they are not into such humorous film they deliver their lines very well.

On a technical side, transitions weren’t that good. You really have to pay attention on that matter. And the scripts were not that good as well. Some scenes were just simple and they don’t really have an impact as an audience. Over all, Fantastica on a technical side is not good. But if you’re going to look on what the film trying to convey. Then, it’s a must to watch. It gives so much fun this holiday season.

-Kristle Vital

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