Aurora: A shipwreck on screen

It is a whirlwind of awkward emotions.

Aurora is about a ship that crashed into big rocks like the Titanic but this is not a love story. The film started out a long shot from by looking at sea where the camera zooms slowly at a beach front of an Inn which Leana’s (Ann Curtis) standing restlessly, tired, looking something at the sea. 

This is quite the hype due to the trailer I thought its really scary or creepy. Aurora basically is a ship that is overloaded and a bad spirit of a celebrity dubbed as ‘The Giant” overlap the Captain of the Aurora where he crashed the ship into big rocks where many people died and mostly the bodies were not recovered by the coast guard. Leana was offered to keep the Inn open for a month so that if she sees or a body was washed on the beachfront, she immediately call anyone or a relative of any missing person on the Aurora on her call book. 

She was offered fifty thousand pesos for every dead body she founds by the couple who lost a daughter in the Aurora. Leana then recruits a local fisherman named Eddie (Allan Paule) to help her with the task and then she added another one to the group; her past lover Ricky (Marco Gumabao). That is when the creepy and horrible things happened.

It has lost its identity.

The film was written by Gin de Mesa and Yam Laranas who also directed it. Feels like the goal of the film itself is that is to be depressed not to be scared due to the films color, cinematography, and also sound design. It literally lost its story or plot in the middle of its stream it forgot its identity and its goal what it will leave behind on the people who watched this film.

Danielle Rain D. Lopez

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