Orange is the New Black

Mendoza, Khamylle Anne E.

The Girl in the Orange Dress is a film directed by Jay Abello. This is an entry of Quantum Films affiliated with the MJM Productions under the Star Cinema for Metro Manila Film Festival 2018.

The film’s leading characters are Jericho Rosales and Jessy Mendiola. Other stars in the movie are Sheena Halili, Hannah Ledesma, and Ria Atayde (Jessy’s best friends), together with Nico Antonio, Via Antonio, Maika Rivera, Kaladkaren, Cai Cortez, and with the special participation of Maxine Magalona, Jennylyn Mercado, Derek Ramsay, Luis Manzano, and Boy Abunda. 

The movie focuses on two drunk people—a typical Filipina lady named “Anna” and a popular star named “Rye”—who slept together at the AG New World Manila Bay Hotel. In the beginning of the film, Anna found herself in a luxurious 5-star room beside the half-naked man she never met before. But little did she know that the man next to her is one of the famous actors in the country. Though they both felt awkward, everything went smooth until media people came into the scene which is the main cause why they got trapped inside the hotel. The press kept on looking for the two of them through checking each hotel room one by one desperate to get a good scope. So basically, this is a romantic-comedy film which actually has the same premise of Notting Hill at the same time. 

On the other hand, I loved how Echo took measures for his role; and I can say that he truly met the expected gratification of the audiences unlike Jessy who was not able to deliver her expressions and reactions properly. Realistically, I have also noticed some ridiculous scenarios in the film such as media people freely circulating around the hotel as well as guests effortlessly entering the prohibited zones of the hotel. However, the pacing is good. The cinematography is quite proficient—suitable with some funny scenarios on the movie especially from the media people and Rye’s supporters. With that, the culture of the Filipinos in patronizing their idols was patently manifested.

Above all, I can say that “The Girl in the Orange Dress” is absolutely a fun hide-and-seek romantic movie who would make you leave the cinema with smile on your face. Kudos!

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