You & Me against the world

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” –

Nelson Mandel

Umberto D, is a classical film produced and directed by Vittorio De Sica.The film was originally released in Italy on January 20, 1952. Watching the entire film will take 89 minutes of your time. It is highly advised that viewers should prepare a tissue or handkerchief while watching this film because this film will surely touch your heart especially to those who love animals.

The story focuses on an elderly man paying his debt to his landlady, until one day, he was left with no choice but to vacate the place. Luckily, Umberto has a dog named Flike who considers him as a best friend. Although this film barely uses a dialogue, I think it is effective in the sense  that it captures the viewers’ attention by understanding what is happening in every scene and for that no scene may be missed.

One of the most memorable scenes in this film is when Umberto taught Flike to bite his hat so that Flike may capture everyone’s attention and give him money, but sadly, no one does.

Another scene that is very interesting is when Umberto tried to abandon Flike and mislead him, but I think they have been together for so long that Flike made a way to see Umberto by means of smelling him which lead to knowing where Umberto is.

I will not spill too much information, but I guarantee you it is worth your time to watch this film.  After watching this film I realize that the saying, “a man’s best friend” is absolutely true. It has been clearly shown in the film. Plus, this film gives me a reflection about life, that yes life is unfair, yet life love those people who dare to live with it.

Mark Gil Sabandal

AB Communication 3

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