For the Love

The “Umberto D” of Vittorio De Sica (1952) a black and white classic movie and it is the story of the old man’s struggle from the financial situation. It is a drama genre, settings like hospital, a house with many rooms and park. It may be the most effective Italian films that are best for themselves. 

When he came to his room, he saw another sleeping on his bed and he complained to the owner. However, the owner threatens to remove him if he cannot pay the dept he promised to pay. It hurts, especially when you expecting for something to come to you but nothing else and you have nothing to do.

The direct use of close up shots among the scenes where Umberto tried to commit suicide with his dog and when the sound effect from fearful changed to joyful, showed Umberto’s fight off to keep his hopes and confidence in despite all the harshness to him. The strive of Umberto and his desire to pay his rent, shows poverty that faced by many people. In some scenes it will also see what really happens in the life of poverty.

There is a long shot when his dog goes to the kids within the park. Another is the medium shot of Umberto that appears sorrowful and devastated in his face as hee sees his dog playing with the kids.Gradually, Umberto begins to move away. It is a lonely scene where the mood of the emotion is tight. Also, where the train is approaching Umberto and his dog. Thought this will be the ending of their lives. Thanks to his dog who saved him from the danger. When he lost his dog to Umberto’s suicide attempt, it ran and his dog did not pay attention to Umberto. In this scene, Umberto passed through his mind that he was wrong. His love affects his dog again. His love was so huge that he tried to convince his dog until the dog suddenly cam to him and they were happy again. This movie is great and suitable to watch. Especially, people who feel that they have no hope like Umberto and finally it will be replaced with joy even in the dark. They can realize anything in life there is hope and poverty is subject to change into hope.

Joseph D. Nuqui

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